Nose implant / Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Many people experience dissatisfaction with their nose, in terms of its appearance, effectiveness for breathing, or both. Problems may stem from an injury, be inherited, or arise from many other conditions.

Rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure used to alter the external appearance of the nose.

There are many factors influencing the outcome of a rhinoplasty, and these are discussed at the consultation. They include healing characteristics, the thickness of skin over the nose, how other aspects of facial appearance influence the nasal appearance, the difficulty of correcting asymmetry, and hereditary factors. The nose will look different immediately after surgery. Whilst most of the swelling will disappear within two months, the actual healing process takes a full year. Some sensation of the nasal skin is reduced, which is of no consequence, but may feel disconcerting for a while.

Ploysamon Surgeons spend considerable time and effort during the consultation process discussing which nasal features the patient likes and dislikes, and what changes may be possible. It is vital the patient and surgeon understand and agree upon the aims of the operation. Well informed patients, good communication and clear surgical plans are the key to success for patients undergoing rhinoplasty.